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About Odisha


Odisha, is usually called by Orissa, located on Bay of Bengal where belongs to East Cost of India. Odisha is also pride of Indian tourism next to New Delhi, Agra, Hyderabad…There are many beautiful words that describe this area on newspaper, advertising articles but Odisha absolutely deserve to be told like that. However, we should spend a little time to talk about historical stories of this beautiful land before we find out interesting tourist destinations.

Odisha is used to know as name of ancient kingdom of Kalinga, which was put under Maurayan Emperor Ashoka’s power in 261 BCE. Time went by, the modern government was established on 1, April, 1936 but it was just colony of England. After political , everything was changed on 13, April, 1948 and Bhubaneswar became capital of Odisha. Odisha is the 9 largest state of area and population is 11th in India.

Odisha has magnificent geographic position when it is surrounded by system of rivers which creates charming and mysterious features for this land. In addition, Odisha largest fresh and salt water lake in Asia, this is impressive thing to explorers, researchers. Odisha not only attracts to tourists by fanciful beauty of nature but also brings new experience by ancient temples, religious places. Odisha welcomes a thousands of tourists all over the world annually, especially people who go to on pilgrimage.This city is considered representative of tradition, history, civilization and religious features in India. Addition, there is the one of the most attractive destination and the most popular religious place of Odisha is Puri.

Puri belongs to coast in Bay of Bengal, is the one of the four largest centers of Hindu in India; Puri is also bridge between researchers, pilgrims, foreign tourists who have desire to discover interesting stories of Indian history with the holiest city all over the world. “If you don’t visit Puri, it will be meant that you have not gone to Odisha yet” –a tourist, who is American,said.

Odisha not only has old temples, attractive destinations but also has CharDham festival – an important pilgrimage festival in Puri. According to Hindu mythology, your journey of pilgrimage will be end if you stop in Puri. This can show us that Puri is really fascinating, mysterious religious place that not any destination has the same feelings and experience.

There are features that you want to discover except history, tradition and culture when you are in Odisha. This land totally make you satisfactory by tourism destination, exciting traditional cuisines, comfortable weather, entertainment places and lifestyle.

You should reach Odisha by train or airplane, there 2 places where are willing to serve you 24/24: Puri Railway Station and Bhubaneswar Airport; you can find detailed information of flights and trains easily through their official website, agencies or tourist information offices. Odisha city is familiar with people who go to on pilgrimages which are celebrated whole year but it also excite to many tourists who want to discover history, culture, traditional customs, mysterious features which you just find in Odisha where is the one of the largest cites in India.