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Top 4 Destinations in Odisha

Konark Sun Temple
16 Feb

Top 4 Destinations in Odisha

Top 4 Destinations in Odisha: It is located on the Bay of Bengal, eastern coast of India, Odisha is the most popular destination where attracts to many tourists all over the world. If you are looking for a place that you can discover historical stories, find out traditional culture as well as technological development and amazing landscapes, Odisha will be your best choice for your trip. With a rich history and sacred temples, Odisha welcomes a lot of tourists annually, this city is known as a famous destination of India next to New Delhi, Agra, Hyderabad, Goa…And they are top 4 attraction of Odisha you must visit when you go to India.

Jagannath Temple Puri
Odisha is surrounded by ancient temples; people come to Odisha because of the important pilgrimages that passed by sacred temples and Jagannath Temple Puri is known as the cradle of Hindu people all over the world. The pilgrimage just ends when you stop at Jagannath Temple Puri (according to Hindu legend). If you want to explore unique architecture of this temple or join Hindu pilgrimage, you can come here on August or the beginning of October.

Swargadwar Beach
Not in the middle of the ancient city like Odisha you are hard to find long sandy or sunshine beaches, Swargadwar Beach really brings a fresh breeze to you. There are many systems of hotels and resorts, Swargadwar Beach makes tourists feel relax and comfortable after a long journey in Puri.

Konark Sun Temple
Temple began to be known in the 13th century with unique and sophisticated architectural style; the Konark Sun Temple is a perfect example of development of architecture. It is not too far from Puri, it takes you about 10 – 20 minutes by car to get there; it is located on a small area but you can’t help visiting. Temple is laid in peace and warmness of the sun.

Chilika Lake
Chilika Lake is one of the largest lake in Asia as well as the biggest lake in India, the Chilika Lake has a life of abundant flora. On migratory birds months, Chilika Lake attracts to many kinds of bird all over the world. As a result of this, Chilika Lake is such the most beautiful lake in India that you can not ignore, especially people who loves to discover nature, research animal planet or paparazzi of migratory birds. Besides, you can join outside activities that are held in order to explore Chilika Lake such as: go boating – this is seem to be a popular tourist activity at Chilika Lake.

You decide to come to an area where is located on the eastern coast of India, you will go wrong if you don’t visit top 4 attractions of Odisha above. My aunty had an opportunity to go there on her vacation last year, she said that she has never forgotten period of time that she spent, temples that she visited, pilgrimage that she joined and people who she met, everything was amazing. Although you have been to ancient temples or beautiful lakes in Odisha many times, but you would have feelings like a first time.

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