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Odisha Beach Tours


Odisha Beach Tours: Being known as an attractive tourist destination in India and is one of the cradles of ancient culture with many historical sites as well as the ancient temples which are worth preserving, Odisha not only attracts visitors from all over the world by the ancient charm,but also become a popular choice of many tourists love the sea, love to enjoy their day on a long sandy beach.

Odisha possesses many so beautiful beaches that you should not miss:

Puri Beach
Located on the Bay of Bengal and took 10 – 15 minutes to drive from the international airport Bhubaneswar and far 2km from the Puri railway station, not only well-known as the holiest place in Odisha with the great pilgrimage of Hindu people, but also Puri has one of the most beautiful beaches in India.

There are plenty of exciting activities which are taken place at Puri beach regularly such as: surfing, kite flying, boat rowing, sand art exhibitions… However, the thing what makes the impression for the visitors is sunset of this place. Let’s imagine that you return after a long pilgrimage, sitting on the sand of Puri beach, watching the sunset with the waves and letting peace come to.

Jagannath Temple
Besides the famous Jagannath temple, this place is also surrounded by beautiful beaches with exciting attractions such as sea sports, beach festivals with traditional music programs which are organized by Odisha residents

Gopalpur Beach
It is far 16 km from Berhampur, located on the Bay of Bengal and used to be a prosperous trading port in India; Gopalpur was rebuilt and became the one of the most beautiful beaches in Odisha. Gopalpur is surrounded by coconut palms and green palm trees, Gopalpur brings the peace to the visitors as well as help them to relax after long pilgrimages.

Golpalpur was used to be a busy port but nowadays the development of tourist with the high class resorts which help Gopalpur to become the one of the top resort center India.

Chandipur Beach
Also being on the list one of the most beautiful beaches in India but Chandipur beach attracts visitors with a unique and distinct feature which are different from other names such as Puri, Gopalpur,or Jagannath temple… Except for the wonderful location with luxury resorts systems, Chandipur have diverse and abundant ecosystems that attract many biological researchers all over the world. Enjoying to watch the sunset in Chandipur is very interesting and you are hard to resist the strange attraction of Chandipur beach.

People still know about Odisha as an ancient and sacred place, is the cultural cradle of Hindu people and this place also store a lot of famous temples.However, not at all about Odisha, the beach is also one of the most attractive characteristics.

It is not too difficult to get to these attractive destinations! Enjoy your day with beaches tours Odisha after all day long with your trip to explore Odisha, how it is awesome!