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Culture of Odisha


Culture of Odisha – The sacred environs of Lord Jagannath temple, the eroticism of Konark’s Sun temple, the wondrous caves of Jainism, the mystical monasteries of Buddhism, the paintings of folklore and the weaver’s magic; all stand as meek evidences of an eloquent past and continuing golden present of Odisha.

Odisha is a land full of wonders scattered to all parts of the state. It has become one of the most visited states in Eastern India. It’s a state that is most known for some unique and magical temples like Jagannatha Temple and Sun Temple. And with them adorning the face of Odisha, there is no better place to visit for pilgrims.

Not only India, but pilgrims from all over the world come to Odisha to visit these scintillating temples. In recent past, many new places in the state have been recognized as potential tourist destinations, and that has increased the number of visitors to the state of Odisha. Places like Puri, Bhubaneswar and Konark are the most visited in Odisha. They are considered as the Golden Triangle in east.

Expressions of the soul find way in the form of indigenous theaters namely ‘Prahalad-Nataka’ or the ‘Dhanuyatra’ here. Dance and music form an inseparable part of the rich culture of the state.

The exotic classical dance of the region evolved from the cult of the ‘devadasis’ or female temple dancers. Folk dances like ‘Chhow’ and ‘Sambalpuri’ along with tribal dances like ‘Ghumura’ & ‘Paraja’ leave every spirit truly elated.

Then there are fairs like ‘Bali Jatra’ that come as a reminder of an ancient maritime links with Bali. And to crown it all is the universally-acclaimed ‘Rathyatra’ of Lord Jagannath which has become an absolute synonym to Odishan culture.